Angus MacRae


The Olivier Award winning Summer & Smoke, directed by Rebecca Frecknall, enjoyed a sell-out run at London's Almeida Theatre and transferred to The Duke Of York's Theatre in the West End, produced by Sonia Friedman Productions. Scored for nine upright pianos surrounding the stage, the score was performed live and from memory by a cast of actor musicians. Starring Patsy Ferran and Matthew Needham.

"Angus MacRae's score shimmers like the sultry summer wind, twangs with Alma’s anxiety and clamours with her barely repressed tumult."
The Sunday Times
"The ensemble are often required to hunch down and tickle the ivories – sometimes the odd note, insistently and sadly hammered, at other points a collective onrush of undulating sounds. It’s as if everything musical about the writing, and everything that’s wordless, ineffable, too... has found its ideal companion"
The Telegraph
"Music is key in [Rebecca Frecknall’s] pleasingly abstract revival…The cast play Angus MacRae’s score like a subtext, amplifying unspoken desires and fears"
The Independent
"The actors provide a thrumming live soundtrack that sometimes works up into rippling melodies. The eloquent use of sound and light sculpts the space, drawing us into Alma's inner world: an arena of would-be harmony and jangling discord"

Financial Times


★★★★★ Time Out
★★★★★ The Stage
★★★★★ Metro
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★★★★★ The Times
★★★★★ The Telegraph
★★★★★ The Independent
★★★★★ The Sunday Times
★★★★★ Financial Times
★★★★★ The Observer

Olivier Award Winner 2019 - Best Revival

Director Rebecca Frecknall
Production Company Almeida Theatre & Sonia Friedman Productions (West End)
Design Tom Scutt
Lighting Lee Curran
Sound Design Carolyn Downing
Starring Patsy Ferran, Matthew Needham
Actor/Musicians Seb Carrington, Forbes Masson, Anjana Vasan, Tok Stephen, Eric MacLennan, Nancy Crane

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Premiered at The Barbican Centre by the acclaimed Piano Circus, Through Shadows is a work scored for six grand pianos, which was commissioned by the venue alongside Spotify to celebrate the global Piano Day.

"Highlight of the day is the world premiere of Angus MacRae’s Through Shadows, specially commissioned by the Barbican for Piano Day and written to utilize the possibilities afforded by six pianos. It's a quiet, delicate piece, moments of silence demanding as much attention as the restrained melodies and soft peaks. Both performances have a purity and poise, the intricate interplay between the six performers truly mesmerising. Its subtlety is key; as fragile as a flower, the piece draws its power not from drama or crescendos but a gentle tension that threatens to break but never does."
Drowned in Sound




Commissioned by the British Council, South Korea, and supported by Creative Scotland, 공·空·ZERO is a new work from choreographers Marc Brew and Bora Kim, which was premiered at the ARKO Arts Theatre in Seoul as part of the closing programme of the year long UK/Korea Creative Future, Festival of Arts and Disability.

For five weeks, the two artists shared a rehearsal space to discover new body languages, visual elements, and music. They attempt to empty the space, time, and their bodies to the state of zero, starting from their most natural condition. Through such an attempt, the artists show that we are neither the same nor different: being the same and different do not always exist in a pair.

Choreographers Marc Brew & Bora Kim
Producers Susan Hay & Mijin Lee
Set Designer Jongseok Kim
Lighting Designer SeungHo Lee




A truly international collaboration with artist Gregory Euclide and Düsseldorf based trio InsaDonjaKai, Thesis 07 is a collection of new works for pitched percussion, piano, two cellos and analog synths, forming part of a larger series of collaborations with musicians around the world. 

Released on a strictly limited edition of 10" vinyl, with unique artwork for each record. More info.

"The desire to create the project sprung from the love of music. The desire to run the project as a vinyl only limited release sprung from the way in which I saw myself consuming music. I wanted the music on my terms… in my car, on vacation, portable and always present. I was devouring entire catalogs of artists and labels. Not really “listening” to the music… I needed to disrupt the notion that ART was to conform to my busy, on-the-go lifestyle. Music deserves to be listened to and respected. For me, music has always been an object and not just files on a device. I wanted to make music physical, unique and precious again. The format of this release is a direct response to streaming and cloud based services."
Gregory Euclide

"The second subscription features some real stunners as well. The unique improvising trio of InsaDonjaKai (Kai Angermann / Insa Schirmer / Donja Djember) have appeared on several Hauschka albums, while veteran musicians in their own right. Here their dual cellos and resonant vibraphone meld seamlessly with composer Angus MacRae‘s plaintive piano. Collaborating virtually between Berlin and London, they have transformed the process of collaborative recording to produce 20 minutes of gorgeous music."
A Closer Listen





Choreographed by Tamsin Fitzgerald, From Above forms part of a triple bill from the all male 2Faced Dance company, which has toured nationally and internationally.

"From Above sees Tamsin Fitzgerald filling the stage space with big, breezy moves, as 2Faced’s five excellent male dancers negotiate the conflicting tides of Angus MacRae’s composition for cello and piano. It’s confident, sinewy stuff."
The Observer

Choreography Tamsin Fitzgerald
Company 2Faced Dance 





Have you ever told an old story to someone new, and noticed that it had changed since you last told it? Or that someone else has remembered it differently?

Meeting explores the retelling of a shared memory, investigating what it means to remember. It premiered at The Place, London, and was a finalist in the Copenhagen International Choreography Competition.

★★★★ The Guardian

Choreography Wayne Parsons
Company Wayne Parsons Dance 




Choreographed by Tamsin Fitzgerald for the all male 2Faced Dance company, Lucid Grounds forms part of Dreaming in Code, an explosive double bill that fuses kinetically charged rhythms and visceral storytelling to create and explore a powerful vision of the future.

Co-composed alongside Alex Baranowski, the music for Lucid Grounds is an atmospheric combination of piano, strings and electric guitars set against a backdrop of breakbeat inspired rhythms and electronic basslines.

Dreaming in Code toured the UK and internationally.

Choreography Tamsin Fitzgerald
Company 2Faced Dance