A truly international collaboration with artist Gregory Euclide and Düsseldorf based trio InsaDonjaKai, Thesis 07 is a collection of new works for pitched percussion, piano, two cellos and analog synths, forming part of a larger series of collaborations with musicians around the world. 

Released on a strictly limited edition of 10" vinyl, with unique artwork for each record. More info.

"The desire to create the project sprung from the love of music. The desire to run the project as a vinyl only limited release sprung from the way in which I saw myself consuming music. I wanted the music on my terms… in my car, on vacation, portable and always present. I was devouring entire catalogs of artists and labels. Not really “listening” to the music… I needed to disrupt the notion that ART was to conform to my busy, on-the-go lifestyle. Music deserves to be listened to and respected. For me, music has always been an object and not just files on a device. I wanted to make music physical, unique and precious again. The format of this release is a direct response to streaming and cloud based services."
Gregory Euclide

"The second subscription features some real stunners as well. The unique improvising trio of InsaDonjaKai (Kai Angermann / Insa Schirmer / Donja Djember) have appeared on several Hauschka albums, while veteran musicians in their own right. Here their dual cellos and resonant vibraphone meld seamlessly with composer Angus MacRae‘s plaintive piano. Collaborating virtually between Berlin and London, they have transformed the process of collaborative recording to produce 20 minutes of gorgeous music."
A Closer Listen