Way Out, inspired by Alone Together by Sherry Turkle, is a reflection of modern life in this digital age. The exaggerated contrast between emotionless citizens and characterised phones reveals our over-­dependence on virtual communication. A dramatic and extreme consequence shows a negative attitude, for which no one can escape the trend of technology that originally comes from the endless appetence of human beings.

Way Out is a short animated film by the London based Chinese artist Yukai Du


Annitefest (Czech Republic) Best Film
Wordless International Film Festival (Australia) Best Film
Vimeo Staff Pick
Victoria Film Festival (Canada)
Cortor - Festival De Cortometrajes El Tormo (Spain)
Science Fiction + Fantasy Short Film Festival Seattle (USA)
Videomedeja - International Video Festival (Serbia)
International Film Festival Kin (Armenia)
Visioni Corte (Italy)
Cyber Sousa Xiamen International Animation Festival (China)
TMFF - The Monthly Film Festival (UK)
Festival International Du Film D'animation D'annecy (France)
Holland Animation Film Festival (Netherlands)
Termita International Film Festival (Spain)
Scotland's Leading Creative Industries Festival Inverness (UK)
Festival Parachute Light Zero (France)
Festival International Des Très Courts (France)
Sakhalin International Film Festival (Russia)
Fest Anca International Animation Festival (Slovakia)
River Film Festival (Italy)
Indiearth Animation Film Festival (India)
Athens Animfest - International Animation Festival (Greece)
Top Shorts (USA)
Concurso Internacional De Animación Animasivo (Mexico)
Euro Film Festival (Spain)