Almeida Theatre & Duke of York’s Theatre

DIRECTED BY Rebecca Frecknall
PRODUCED BY Almeida Theatre & Sonia Friedman Productions (West End)
STARRING Patsy Ferran, Matthew Needham
ACTOR/MUSICIANS Seb Carrington, Forbes Masson, Anjana Vasan, Tok Stephen, Eric MacLennan, Nancy Crane

The Olivier Award winning Summer & Smoke, directed by Rebecca Frecknall, enjoyed a sell-out run at London's Almeida Theatre and transferred to The Duke Of York's Theatre in the West End, produced by Sonia Friedman Productions. Scored for nine upright pianos surrounding the stage, the score was performed live and from memory by a cast of actor musicians. Starring Patsy Ferran and Matthew Needham.

"Angus MacRae's score shimmers like the sultry summer wind, twangs with Alma’s anxiety and clamours with her barely repressed tumult."
The Sunday Times
"The ensemble are often required to hunch down and tickle the ivories – sometimes the odd note, insistently and sadly hammered, at other points a collective onrush of undulating sounds. It’s as if everything musical about the writing, and everything that’s wordless, ineffable, too... has found its ideal companion"
The Telegraph
"Music is key in [Rebecca Frecknall’s] pleasingly abstract revival…The cast play Angus MacRae’s score like a subtext, amplifying unspoken desires and fears"
The Independent
"The actors provide a thrumming live soundtrack that sometimes works up into rippling melodies. The eloquent use of sound and light sculpts the space, drawing us into Alma's inner world: an arena of would-be harmony and jangling discord"

Financial Times



★★★★★ The Times, The Telegraph, The Independent, The Sunday Times, Financial Times, The Observer, Time Out, The Stage, Metro

Olivier Award Winner 2019 - Best Revival